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Save time and money when you integrate APIs from other SAAS

3rd party API integration allows for both SMEs and MNCs to save a lot of money on research and development while simultaneously adding the necessary features to their IT solutions.

We can easily work with all popular API providers, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Salesforce, Dropbox, and many more.

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$10.00 - $25.00
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theAsianIR has a significant experience creating complex SaaS solutions, as well as web and mobile applications. Over the years, we worked on numerous API integrations for our clients, for projects targeting both businesses and consumers, amassing a vast amount of unique experience and knowledge. This allows theAsianIR to both provide our clients with API integration solutions and serve as API developers when needed. If you need a managed team of expert engineers to tackle API related challenges, theAsianIR is easily one of the best choices.
1) Extensive practical experience of working with APIs
This list contains only the small fraction of APIs that we used for our clients:
- Payment systems (e.g. MEPS, NETS)
- Id verification (e.g. JUMIO)
- Employee attendance tracking (e.g. datamine)
- Transactional emails (e.g. hubspot)
- Sales tax rates lookup (e.g. Avalara)
- Data validity checks (e.g. experian)
We can easily work with all popular API providers, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Salesforce, Dropbox, and many more.
2) Benefits of API integration with theAsianIR
Finding the right solution – having years of experience with web API integration, our developers are familiar with many available solutions. Our business analysts can highlight features that are best implemented using API integration, and help you choose among the myriad available options those solutions, that will enhance your software the most. 
High quality work within time and budget constrains – our programmers have extensive experience developing ASP.NET and web applications for different platforms, using various technology and tools such as C#, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and others. This allows for both third party and custom API integration quickly and without introducing any issues. We respect deadlines and always deliver high quality code with adherence to the best development practices.
Save cost with theAsianIR in the long run – our managed dedicated teams consist of professional developers, at least one quality assurance specialist and one project manager. We can provide more resources as needed, including our own business analysts. This allows you to minimise risks on your part as we take full responsibility for delivery, while our low turnover rates make sure that experienced talent stays within the project.
Ultimately, theAsianIR saves you money in the long run.
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