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    Reacting quickly to the market is critical.


    To do that, we write initiation reports that demonstrate our in-depth understanding of your company and the markets you operate in, and send them out to buyers who could be interested in what you have to offer.


    Additionally we provide regular updates – either to augment our position and/or to receive feedbacks from buyers. Overall, the guiding principle should be to optimise our inputs to get honest feedback from buyers about our clients.

  • reach your target corporates

    Attracting China and Hong Kong

    Get attention from the New Rich

    In today's markets, you cannot go without engaging Asians, Chinese in particular. An unprecedented demand for raw materials and sizeable returns have driven family offices, institutions, corporate entities, unicorns and small-medium enterprises in China to go overseas to seek companies able to provide returns in multiple folds and reliable or quality raw material supply.

  • reporting like it is

    In English and Mandarin

    Leverage technology and experience 

    InProved has world class technology and research teams able to analyse, value and extract various types of investment highlights that resonates with Asians and Chinese, using Big Data Technology. Our guiding principal is always to create Alpha, that is value to our clients and opinions that their target corporates will appreciate. Creating Alpha comes with years of experience understanding the market and operation dynamics in energy and mining sectors, application of technology that extracts information from historical and recent data, as well as factual reporting of the current status of the Company and indications of where the Company will be in the near future.

  • Asian Distribution

    You get world-class distribution to

    Asian Companies

    Confidential, Effective and Cost-efficient Distribution

    Asian Companies big and small are nimble and flexible in their business decisions. We identify companies operating in industries vertically and parallel to our clients, many of which are newly incorporated (like a JV) or have just switched to a different business offering (like a solar company which have ventured into producing EV batteries). These companies are not reported anywhere in the western world, but we can reach them through our sources.

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    Demand for raw materials and new energy in Asia is unprecedented. Get your company covered to corporate entities in Asia, inc China, and secure that general partner today.

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