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    theAsianIR is an independent, privately-owned full-service consultancy servicing SMEs in Singapore. We deploy technology solutions such as Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, Smart off-grid, Software Engineering and Programmatic Advertising to build capabilities within your organisation.




    Consultants generally do not implement, but we are different. With world-class vendors for any technology solution available in our firm, we not only provide reports but provide the implementation of the solution and make sure that runs in the way it should.




    At theAsianIR, we believe in execution besides only give good advice. We guarantee a solution that will add the capability to solve the business problems that the SME is seeking to resolve or achieve.


    Our corporate responsibility's is measured by our accountability towards our Client's growth objectives. We want to ensure SME owners get more than just Consulting, which in our case is almost free, the value we provide are our work towards implementation of the IT Solution.

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    For an enterprise-level AI solution for a Financial institution in China


    Data-scientists in our team


    Out of 80 Financial Institutions in China worked with one of our AI vendors


    Number of projects which did not provide the results the SME is seeking

  • Services

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    Project Scoping

    Advisory, Sales and BD, New Market Entry, Product Development, Permitting


    We don't call it Consulting. We call it project scoping during the advisory phase because we have to preparation of market research studies, feasibility studies, business plans, financial modeling and

    ROI analysis to help clients in making informed decisions when deploying any IT Solution.

    This part of our service focuses on Gap Analysis for our customers,

    through hard, provocative questions about the problem that the SME is trying to solve.

    Vendor Appointment

    A key part of realising the IT solution comes from savvy vendor appointment


    We make appointment and guarantee that the vendor will bring the result mentioned during Project Scoping.

    From detailed engineering of the solution, POC to pre-feasibility of the solution, we take the responsibility to have the

    right vendor to realise tangible business results.

    Design and Development

    Implementation of the Solution starts


    We manage the vendor to realise the agreed IT solution.

    Our value are pure hard project management, driving progress and results at

    every stage of the implementation, keeping you informed during every step,

    so that are stakeholders of the Project are properly aligned. Management is underrated but its

    absolutely crucial at this juncture because there is "no one size fits all",

    the solution must be made to fit, and thats why we are 100% involved during this process,

    keeping you away as we resolve the technicality issues while you only get to see the solution after issues are resolved.

    Commissioning and On-boarding

    In today's tech-savvy world, any solution implemented shouldn't have a high-learning curve.

    This is the part where we commission the solution to ensure it does what its supposed to bring real business results,

    while we on-board the SME to adapt the solution within their business environment.

    We do not aim to disrupt anything, just marrying the solution using together with what the SME already have.

    Realising Value of the IT solution

    Specialised in the Maximising of the Technology Solution


    Any solution ably deployed has the potential to be maximised across the enterprise and industry.

    Some of our consultants have investment banking experience, and that is where we discuss your plans to obtain an IP, or spin-off this solution into a separate entity to realise its full business value.

    Maintenance and Updating

    Our programmers will be with you after deployment


    Our passionate programmer will continue to update and maintain the solution after deployment. Any questions or issues can be resolved because we keep them on.

  • People & experience

    Coming together after working around the world!

    Branding Director

    Teo is an extremely creative and strategic mind, a talented out-of-the-box thinker who can, easily adjust to any professional working environment. Teo is an expert in branding, marketing and business strategy.​

    Founder and CEO

    Huan is a chartered engineer with a Business Masters and is an investment banker for Energy, Mining and Technology companies. He currently works for Guian New Technology Park as an independent consultant and is bringing expertise from there into Asia.

    Managing Partner

    Rong Yao Chan is one of only 25 Expert Level Certified Management Consultants in Singapore. A highly-experienced consultant known yo hundreds of SMEs in Singapore, he has successfully scoped and implemented solutions that reduced costs and created new revenue steams for a breadth of industries.


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