• Introducing "Employee Dashie"

    Big Data Dashboard to collect and analyse Employee and Potential Hire Sentiments

  • Overview

    Employee Dashie

    The widespread use of Big Data in social media and the internet offers new opportunities for companies to better understand their potential hires and analysis trends in employee perceptions. The Sentiment-Adjusted Demand Forecasting Dashboard (aka the "Employee Dashie") taps on advanced data analytics methods to automatically analyse employee and potential hires' comments and reveal insights into their perception, needs and behaviours.


    With more informed decision-making through the use of sentiment analysis, companies can be highly responsive to potential hires’ demands, such as by creating more effective online marketing campaigns, to improve company images that can bring in better hires and suit the expectations of employees.


    Challenges in employee sentiment sensing include:

    • Quick-changing employee and potential hire preferences
    • Wide range of positive and negative responses
    • Numerous channels where employee and potential hire feedback may be obtained

  • Dashie Screenshots

    Main functions and features

    Creating a project

    Projects, to put it simply, are search queries the Employee Dashie uses to retrieve mentions about what Companies are looking for from various sources. Projects consist of keywords and search rules companies can set.


    In the Dashie there are 5 kinds of the project set-ups:

    1. Brand (Company) - this is the easiest way to verify what people are saying about a company, job, career goals or competitors online. 
    2. Social Profiles - Companies can add their own social profiles (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and have all their social mentions in one place.
    3. Other - this search is an avenue for Companies to use their imagination!
    4. Two types of searches (basic and advanced) within the Advanced Project Configurator where Companies can search using advanced rules.

    Brand or Company

    Write keywords - Companies can include those that they want to look for and exclude what they are not interested in.


    Quick preview - Results are quickly soon on the same page, as a check to ensure Companies have keyed in the right keywords.


    Ignore button - Click "Ignore" to omit a domain or author. All ignored items can be viewed under the "ignored" button

    Saving a project

    Create dashboard - Saving a project allows Companies to create a Dashboard on the next tab, so that they can get all the data analysed in visual forms using customisable charts.


    Set alert - Option allows companies to select whether to receive an alert for the project they've created.

    Company (or Social) profile

    Monitor social accounts - Select and add social profiles (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) to have all social mentions in one place. Companies can authorise any profiles in the Accounts tab. There will also be an option to monitor private messages.


    Write keywords - Companies can include those that they want to look for and exclude what they are not interested in.


    Quick preview - Results are quickly soon on the same page, as a check to ensure Companies have keyed in the right keywords or profiles.


    Ignore button - Click "Ignore" to omit a domain or author. All ignored items can be viewed under the "ignored" button


    Please note that within this configuration Companies are tracking their own profiles, including posts, comments retweets, shares etc) related to the profile(s).

    Advanced Project Creator

    There are two kinds of advanced projects set-up:
    1. Basic Mode
    2. Advanced Rules


    Basic Mode is a customisable search option to search using parameters and sources set by the user. Companies can use this option to search based on one, a combination or all from keywords, social profiles, sources (urls). Other options under Basic Mode include ignoring diacritical marks, setting email alerts to a given project and creating a new dashboard specific to that search.


    Advanced rules is an option to search by special characters * / ?, or specific keywords, such as;

    1. a keyword with ending ? -  which will collect results of used keyword + one-letter suffixes (note; a phrase 'internet?' WILL NOT pick up the word 'internet')
    2. a keyword with ending * will collect results of used keyword + suffix (note: a phrase 'internet*' WILL pick up the word 'internet') for e.g internet, internet?, internet*
    3. When two or more words with spaces between them are typed in the keyword box under advanced rules, Typing in the keyword box with two or more words with spaces between them (without quotation marks) will result in obtaining statements including these words in that specific order. (e.g. entering social media will trigger the system to search for the words 'social media' specifically and not these two words separately.)

    Key feature of search function

    Companies can preview results on same page using just One keyword. Results are displayed instantly.

    Dashboard (data visualisation)

    The Employee Dashie dashboard of a project shows the aggregated sentiment information for that specific project over a user-defined period. Information includes an overall sentiment score, total number of comments, breakdown of proportion of comments reflecting sentiment classes and a timeline reflecting the number of comments measured against the sentiment score over time.

    Company comparison

    The Employee Dashie allows Companies to compare sentiment information with other companies. Projects have to be created first before comparison can be done.

    Potential hire specific sentiment

    The Employee Dashie allows Companies to gain insights from peoples' sentiments across different demographic attributes such as age groups and gender.

    Sentiment over time

    Peoples’ sentiments may also be summarised and analysed over time, to support decision making by correlating results from past and present sentiments with previous business decisions.

    Drilling down to individual comments

    The capability of filtering comments of interests and extracting keywords in comments (displayed in the form of Word Clouds), provide hints of potential hires' preferences and concerns. This is a powerful to analyse and record peoples' comments from social media and comments sites and potentially position the Company to gain better hires by reacting appropriately to peoples' concerns and needs.

    Creating alerts

    1. Minimal number of new mentions collected by the system necessary to send a new alert.
    2. Content: mentions taken into account while sending alerts can be divided into:
      a. type of results: all types, statements only, articles only 
      b. sentiment: all mentions, positive mentions, negative mentions
    3. Available projects – in this panel Companies can choose one or more projects to be covered under an alert.
    4. Alert recipients – email people from an organization when alerts come in.
    5. Alert delivery method - choose to receive alerts by email or by push notifications.



    1. Choice of the preferred report’s type and time range.
      • Normal Report is a report generated instantly after its creation
      • Periodic report is created automatically according to set preferences.
      • Reports can be generated once a day, once a week, or once a month.
      • Normal and periodic reports are created by means of the same functions.
    2. Enter Report title.
    3. Upload a logo. 
    4. Projects – choose and select one or more projects to be taken into account when generating the report. Option to select from articles only.
    5. Attach results from analysis done on comments from key influencers or tag mentions 
    6. Enclose comments to the report
    7. “GENERATE” button will switch the user to a report management website where a pdf can be downloaded.
  • Users, Roles and Tags

    Additional features

    Adding users

    • Add additional users to the dashboard

    Every user can change their password or log into Employee Dashboard via Facebook.

    Setting permissions

    • Set custom permissions that will reflect what they can, cannot do
    • Users with the admin status can add/delete users and edit their authorisations

    Creating Roles

    • Create a role first for any additional user of the Dashboard
    • Edit permissions and authorisations using the User function later.  


    • Create, delete, edit, activate/deactivate tags
    • Check how many statements were marked with a given tag
    • Search tags using the filter option.

    Every Dashboard user can attach different tags to statements when reviewing them. Statements can have one or more tags simultaneously. In the Mentions panel, user can also filter according to attached tags.


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