• Consumer Analytics Dashboard for China E-commerce

    Now you can know what people on Wechat, Weibo and QQ are speaking about your brand

  • An Interactive Dashboard to track and report mentions on Chinese Social Media

    See the screenshots

    Create a project page

    Mentions page

    Categorisation of data

    Data visualisation

    Create and export pdf reports

  • How Dashboard Works



    User searches for keywords concerning a Brand, Product or Company



    User sees the mentions on various SM. Results can be filtered accordingly



    User can engage with the mentioner directly by sending a pvt msg



    User can create and visualise categorised results about that keyword.



    User can be alerted if new mentions comes in



    User can create regular and periodic reports which provides audits and insights on brands and consumer behavior

  • Direct-to-consumer digital solutions

    You may be aware of the proliferation of third-party developers in China, well we are not one of them. We are different in the sense that we are Brand's corporate advisor, as well as their digital partner.


    Entering a new market requires more than just technology. Corporate structuring, taxes, remittance planning are just some of the considerations, besides a stellar do business in China Business Plan.


    We take all that out of the equation by planning it all for you, so that the only issue you concentrate on is how to fulfil demand and supply.

  • Operational Features

    Consumer Analytics Dashboard for China

    Project Description

    To develop a dashboard in the form of a web application that can search, track, analyse mentions of keywords from Chinese Social Media (WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Dianping)

    Product Features

    • User creates a project to include/exclude keywords
    • User browses mentions on next tab. User can filter and sort according to created date, sentiment, relevance, source, reach etc.
    • User can send private messages directly to mentioner
    • User can use pre-loaded templates or create new charts/graphs to visualise the results
    • Results will contain indicators like "who the KOLs are, no. of mentions, sentiment trends, extent of reach, demographics, sources and any general indicators.
    • Users will get alerts whenever new mentions come in
    • Users can create and or use pre-loaded pdf reports which acts as brand audits, audience insight, comparative analysis etc. 
    • Users can create, edit, activate, deactivate tags for mentions received

    Operating environment

    • The dashboard will be displayed as an html website and published on cloud server, which will be compatible with most web browsers and available to work on any operating system. 
    • Its built as a web application to make easier for any class of users to understand it and use it without any prior knowledge

    Design and graphics

    • The website will be design with a catchy and simple template with clear representation of data and information,  at the same time the graphics will be simple to reduce the required time for processing and transfer between pages.
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    Score leads, conduct customer segmentation in the largest market in the World

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