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    Case Study: Iron Road Ltd

    Iron Road is an iron ore developer with Australia’s largest measured magnetite resource – 4.5 billion tonnes – on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.


    However, even with that enormous amount of iron ore, which is expected to take 20 to 30 years to mine, the company struggled to get regular coverage in the traditional press.


    Our Partner built Iron Road’s Twitter followers to more than 4,400 investors, brokers, analysts and even business journalists among others. They included metals writers at the Wall Street Journal and business journalists at Bloomberg, The Australian and Fairfax.


    Those followers value the content so much that they sent Iron Road’s tweets to more than 130,000 a month.


    Social media really proved its worth for Iron Road at an investor conference. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on flights and accommodation in Sydney for 3 executives plus conference fees, a disappointing number of investors attended the conference.


    When Iron Road presented to the conference, only 120 investors were actually in the room. However, on LinkedIn, the presentation went to almost 5,000 people within a couple of days.


    Iron Road completed an $11.5 million raising to begin acquiring land and funding its definitive feasibility study 6 months after it began its Twitter campaign. It has since raised another $40 million and $51 million is separate tranches.


    Case Study: Altech Chemicals Ltd

    Altech is an embryonic maker of high-purity alumina for use in lithium-ion batteries and in super tough, unscratchable glass for smartphones.


    It had assembled a team with the necessary expertise, secured land in Malaysia for a plant, and won support from the German government – but the media kept calling Altech a mining company.


    Altech needed investors to know the company’s business model is plugged into growing markets such as unscratchable screens for phones and tablets, batteries for electric cars and homes, and LEDs for everywhere.


    It needed them to know that before it raised funds with a placement to sophisticated investors and a share purchase plan for current shareholders.


    Altech owns its own deposit of kaolin, the clay it intends to turn into high-margin 99.99% pure alumina.


    However, the kaolin deposit coloured the media’s thinking. Instead of recognising that Altech’s ownership of the feedstock made its chemical processes cheaper, the media kept referring to it as a kaolin miner.


    During the campaign our Partner amplified each of Altech’s ASX announcements on social media and engaged investors there with news about the mushrooming markets using 99.99% pure alumina.


    The placement and share purchase plan raised just on $2 million for finalising the plant design and completing the project’s debt finance.

    Republic Gold

    • 1,692 direct followers
    • Reached 1.1 mil through retweets
    • Ranked in top 8% of influential Twitter users
    • News went global by South Africa Mining Writer

    Apollo Minerals

    • 1,595 direct followers
    • Reached 1.0mil through retweets
    • Ranked in top 9% of influential twitter users
    • News about projects sent viral by US authoritative analyst-blogger 

    Cape Lambert

    • 1,395 direct followers
    • Reached 561.7k through retweets
    • Ranked in top 6% of influential Twitter users
    • Share price rose 116% a month after news of a special dividend went direct to investors
  • Integrated Campaigns

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    Altech Chemicals


  • WeChat and Weibo campaigns

    Leogo mainly sell their products via the WeChat Official Account. Their sales strategy depends mainly on publishing bright and colorful advertorial content to thousands of their followers.


    Our Partner developed their Official Account for a start. After launching their e-commerce Official account, we started getting traffic into the account, partnering with more than 20 KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), to drive high quality traffic to their Tmall and OA.


    For each advertorial that Leogo published, we were about to get more than a hundred readers to view the article, and thousands of visitors to their Tmall website.


    For example we partnered with Weibo KOL Lisa, her promotion of one of the products drove 9,000 visitors to the Tmall website.

    Case Study: Leogo

    Leogo is an e-commerce company based in Shaanix, China. The company sells thousands of products on their e-commerce website, TMall and Official Account (OA). Their business model is to sell high-quality products from overseas into the domestic market.  

    Wuxue Hongsen Motor Transport Co Ltd is a business passenger transport company with fixed assets amounting to RMB 8bil, nearly 1,000 employees, 300 buses and 162 trucks. They transport nearly half a billion passengers yearly, and is a true industry leader.


    They commissioned us to develop an APP, called Wuxue Chuxing (武穴出行), which operates in the same manner as Didi Chuxing, just without the funding.


    After launching the APP in Sep 2017, we were responsible for generating traffic to it, which we successfully did, by sending their content out geographically to their test (the APP is still in pilot testing) region, mainly located around Hubei province, Wuhan.


    We had no problems getting more than 200 readers to each advertorial at one-time to their Official Account, as well as increasing "followers" of their OA to thousands and counting.

    Case Study: Hongsen Transport

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