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North Pole International - theAsianIR O2O and Big Data use case

Read how our solutions are changing Santa's operations

North Pole International, and its other global brands such as Santa's Workshop, Elf Packaging and Rudolph Logistics, are processing about 163 Zettabytes of Data a year They are using theAsianIR O2O and Big Data to improve CCE (Christmas Customer Experience), manage their gift operations and ensure timely deliveries of presents to over 2 billion children.

I visited Santa Claus, CEO of North Pole International (NPI), in the North Pole and sat him down to get feedback of how they are using theAsianIR's solutions to get Operational Intelligence out of extremely Big Data.

Me: North Pole International is facing a number of threats to their business. This includes competition from Terrestrial powerhouses like Target, Robinsons and Metro, E-commerce such as Qoo10 and Taobao, but also new competition such as drone delivery of gifts from a new entrant "the cloud". So in light of this, how is NPI looking to different themselves from all these players?

Santa: We measure ourselves on some key business KPIs, including;

  • Ease of Children putting in their Christmas Lists on their mobile phones
  • Ensuring the timeliness of our deliveries
  • Correct prediction of naughty vs nice children
  • Quality of gift construction, collation and packaging
  • Speed and efficiency of our delivery

You can see in our workshop that NPI is working at full capacity

Santa: theAsianIR has provided the solutions to us by giving us a number of data sources from which we can collect considerable volumes of data to manage and get insights from. Some of their use cases for the data are;

Digital Collection and Intelligence – NPI successfully launched their first online Christmas list collection service "GeiWo". This allows children to submit their letters through dozens of Channels. We've tied up with all the major social media channels and instant messengers around the World so that we engage directly with all the Children, understand directly their wishes and wants. This digital behaviour is being monitored by theAsianIR and is presented on a number of charts and graphs that we can view on our CRM dashboard. We use alerts to notify us of any over-excessive Gift requests, and these requests are checked against the KPIs to determine between "naughty" and "nice". NPI is also planning to launch a new Gift-swap service to trade in unwanted gifts for even bigger and better gifts the following year.

IT operational and application management data – theAsianIR takes the log files from the entire NPI organization into an indexing system. The log files comes from our ERP, CRM, EOC (Elves Operations Centre) and RDS (Rudolph Delivery System). With over 2billion children to deliver to and an average of 3 gifts per child – NPI has a lot of gift processing to do. They have built their own cloud-based SAAS application that integrates with their third-party Gift-Wrap provider, Amazon AWS (Amazon Wrapping Service), and this data is also indexed in theAsianIR.

HappyDoop – NPI has adopted Hadoop and customised it for our needs. This is known as HappyDoop at NPI. They store approximately 100 Zettabytes of data relating to all the children that we have ever delivered to, how successful the presents were received and a historical view of Christmas present stock).

Security information – to ensure NPI is secure from attacks from rogue Russian elves, NPI uses theAsianIR to monitor real time attempts at DDoS (Distributed Denial of Sharing) attacks and APTs (Advanced Parental Threat).

Sensor data and the Internet of Things – on their busiest day of the year (24th-25th December), NPI uses theAsianIR to get real time, mission critical insights into how their key executive, Elf Bernard, is performing. By taking sensor data from the collars of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and team leader Rudolph – NPI uses RDS to ensure that “Team Reindeer” is performing at optimum capacity. The EOC team, run by Head of Elves Operations, Alfred Pennyworth, can also ensure that I (sheepishly) don't consume too much brandy and doesn’t eat too many mince pies, especially nearer to Christmas. In previous years, Alfred said that the added weight of my overconsumption has impacted “Team Reindeer” operations, but I feel its the other way round.

Santa: Below you can see one of our International Dashboards presented in a theAsianIR developed dashboard

Me: How do these dashboards help?

Santa: These are displays from last year. On the right hand side it shows the UK starting to open their presents and the volume of presents opened vs. closed. On the left, it shows I'm still delivering to North America and you can see real-time insights into gifts delivered vs. gifts outstanding. These data are just a few of many data that we collect to understand Children gift opening behaviour and to track my progress in order to plan for more efficient delivery routes this year.

Me: It was great to spend some time with one of our more secretive customers and see you gearing up for your busiest time of the year. Fingers crossed the festive period goes well for you and you all get the gifts delivered and opened the way you want.

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