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How we use word-of-mouth marketing on a real estate company

Here are 7-steps

The below is an example of how we executed word of mouth marketing for a real estate company.

1) Know the company and what they are promoting - Company is promoting real estate products and services. However the objectives for the company is to build a sales team, so the product that we are promoting are the opportunity to work with a Singaporean company, prospects within the organisation, salary and incentives and support/training to maximise your success. Definitely not selling real estate in this case

2) Find your target audience - we've identified our target audience, which are graduates, real estate agents and insurance agents. Which we will approach using a third-party medium as they have more scale

3) Know your competition - who are our competition in this case? any company that will hire (2). so we devised a package that we know can be more lucrative and rewarding than them

4) Embrace exclusivity - location-based exclusivity as we only want to target audience in wuhan for various logistics and competence reasons

5) Find our uniques - firstly we verified our authenticity by posting our license on the brochures, secondly we distinctly clarified we are a singapore company, thirdly out founders are based here and are PRs and citizens

6) Build an engaged audience - we've setup an official account of the company and post campaigns regularly, keeping them informed of our progress and offerings

7) Identify and engage with your followers - we regularly engage with followers through their social media accounts. our backend system is able to track how active the followers are, what they shared, who they shared, who they recommended. Why do that do that? because they believe in us and our products. a small angbao helped too.

8) add some human touch to what we do - sending personalised messages straight to their phones is important to keep them as followers

Thank you theAsianIR for helping us build a sales team in China without any overheads - WW estates, Cyprus

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