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Wholesale/Retail O2O systems

Disrupting the way we operate consumer-based businesses

theAsianIR's Wholesale/Retail O2O provides a one-stop-shop for Consumer Goods business owners to run their operations entirely Online and from the backend.

System comprises of different user interfaces for each stakeholder. Stakeholders in-question are;

  1. Consumer
  2. Business Owner(s)
  3. In-house or Third-party fulfilment
  4. Members (Distributors/Agents/Franchisees)
  5. Business Analytics (operated by owner and/or technology provider)

For the Consumer

Consumer user interface consists of

  • LBS targeting
  • Search and filter multiple product types
  • Search by keywords or tags
  • Interactive campaigns providing real financial discounts or product value
  • Shopping cart/pay at store/scan and pay/QR code pay/
  • Coupons/discounts/incentive wallets
  • Share and receive product comments
  • Members section

For the Wholesale/Retail Business Owner

Store owner interface consists of;

  • Order management  (see orders made from individual, bulk or group buys, products paid in-store, discounts and coupons obtained and redeemed,  campaign participants)
  • Product management (based on orders for bulk, group, individual, discounted, interested, sign-ups)
  • Store management based on orders and enquires received online
  • Comments evaluation
  • Sales volume
  • Delivery and transport management
  • Customer (and discount) verification

For the fulfilment team (in-house or third-party)

Fulfilment Interface platform provided to in-house or third-party fulfilment teams, interface includes;

  • Multi-shop Inventory Management (replenish, transfer, return stocks between retail locations)
  • Inventory management by SKU (replenish stocks exactly when you need it)
  • Physical inspection recordings (inspection and discrepancy records recorded)
  • Retail Processing (Tag items undergoing packaging)
  • Stock alerts (receive alerts when stocks are at minimum levels)
  • Real-time inventory updates (know when stocks are in storage, know when they are lifted off shelves)
  • Real-time order and delivery tracking (track order status in real-time as each process is completed, view completed order history)

For Distributor/Agent/Franchisee

Interface for Members (agents, distributors and franchisees);

  • Store(s) management (add and remove stores under distribution/agent/franchise agreement)
  • Order management  (see orders made from individual, bulk or group buys, products paid in-store, discounts and coupons obtained and redeemed, campaign participants)
  • Campaign management (create and send digital campaigns)
  • Members management (create accounts for other users and increase distribution)
  • WeChat OAs and APPs (android and IOS) (create and publish APPs and Official Accounts containing products under agreements)
  • Track and redeem rewards and commissions

For Company Owner and Technology Operator

Analytics provided to owner and technology operator;

  • Sales KPIs (Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales, average order size etc)
  • Traffic KPIs (Visitors traffic, no. of members recruited, no. of distributors recruited, unique visitors vs retuning visitors etc)
  • Product KPIs (top ranking products, visits vs converted)
  • Consumer profiles (top ranking consumers, cost-per-spend per consumer)
  • Member profiles (top performing distributor/agent/franchisor, rev-per-member)
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