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Official Account with geo-tracking technology reduces time-to-market and increases MROI

Real Estate Agents - there is a system for you which allows you to earn without living your home.


Agencies and Developers - Save on overheads while attaining higher return on marketing investment

Sit back and watch as leads pop up on your mobile

Using geo-tracking technology, REOA (Real Estate Official Account) empowers Real Estate Agents to engage with readers and followers of their OA.

Read on to find out how.

Taking Achilles properties as an example, Achilles's OA appears at the top of a follower's WeChat platform whenever new content is uploaded. Once follower senses new content is present, follower will enter the account, where information such as his profile and time of entry is instantly captured on the backend. User is greeted by an automated greeting message describing recent Company's activities and Actions required from the follower.

For syncing and to increase authenticity, backlinks to the company's website or social media pages are included in the OA's menu.

OA's menu also include links to an "about us" page, a "team" page, and a link to the main mini-website done using H5. User can browse through the tabs on the H5, which is in reality, an exact replica of the English website but in Mandarin.

photo courtesy of Constantinos Demetriades, Founder of Achilles Capital Pte Ltd

H5 site contains sections just like a normal website would, including news, updates, project listings and project profiles, case studies, why us and contact us.

To make the OA interactive, campaigns and promotions are absolutely essential to maintain followers and attract new followers. Campaigns and Promotions done out of the Company's OA have other benefits in that they attract a wider and deeper reach, are extremely interactive (when games and quizzes are thrown in), and innovative and creative. There are hundreds of ways to engage current followers and attract new ones.

To cap it all off, our REOA comes installed with our proprietary incentivising system which followers opt in (by their phone numbers) who agree to share and distribute content or campaigns in return for fees or rewards. System can further incentivise them if they engage other followers and close deals. All terms and conditions are displayed clearly for the follower to see and agree.

Followers are incentivised on a per campaign completed basis, thereby allow the Company to allocate budget against predictable outcomes. Each share is tracked, every content opened captured, and the system automatically rewards the follower when content is viewed.

The sustainability of this business model relies on;

  1. Evergreen content and campaign
  2. Clear rewards programs to followers who opted in
  3. Motivated followers who will engage other followers whenever they see them show up around their area of influence
  4. Company provides dedicated personnel to work with followers and close deals

The business case for such a system are;

  1. Exponential return on MROI when more campaigns are launched
  2. Predictable outcomes from campaigns allow tracking of marketing investment
  3. Lower time-to-market when followers engage with other followers instantly
  4. Reduced overheads as none of the followers are recorded on Company payroll 
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci
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