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Hybrid App case studies

Cashless payments have opened the door for better hybrid apps, turning them into assets that generate revenue and have a stored-value.

Here are some of the designs that we have done for your clients.

1. A health-care consulting APP that presents the subject matter in a number of new media ways, such as live broadcasting, live bulletins, podcast and videos. All media can be revenue generating. Other avenues to generate revenue include an e-commerce section, membership elevations, credits system.

2. An App for a closed-circulation publisher. This also applies to an industry association with their own set of members. Members are encouraged to download the app because this platform will hold all the content, news, information, professional development and networking opportunities so that they do not have to go anywhere else to get insights on anything related to the association's subject matter. App can generate its own revenue from the e-commerce section, sponsors, courses, workshops and tours, elevated membership status and even paid content. With an infrastructure like this App, the association can slowly phase our print media and rely on digital means to communicate with their members. The infrastructure sets up the association for added insights from machine learning that can come out through customised feeds and notifications to each app user.

3. An example of an APP for a lifestyle magazine for them to own their subject matter digitally. Monetisation methods comes from 3 ways of paying for content;

  1. pay-per-article
  2. pay-per-edition
  3. pay-per-subscription
Other monetisation methods include paying for tours and workshops, paying for video. and photo downloads. News feeds can be customised (achieved by machines learning) when enough data is collected from the App user.

4. This News App is taken from the design of "Jinri Toutiao", an online news aggregator worth USD$20bil. Columnists drive the revenue potential, and the App provides them the infrastructure to host new media like podcasts, packaged content, live broadcast, live bulletins, online workshops etc. The value that the products on the APP bring are the real insights the columnists deliver to the User. Much of the revenue comes from on-demand and customised advertising the App can deliver to each user (using machine-learning).

5. Corporate advisory APP concept built on the foundations of using the APP as a one-stop-shop for products and services offered by the Company. The App takes the user across the entire sales cycle, ending with an order placed or product procured, allowing the company to just follow-up with the purchaser to confirm minor details and start work. The App also includes an incentivising-system for users to share content, services and products offered by the company to their networks in exchange for digital credits, which they can cash-out at appropriate times set up the company.

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