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How to Sell High-Ticket Items With This New Approach to Online Sales

For marketers facing with higher marketing expense and declining ROI

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If you plan to sell "high-ticket" items online, you need to change your tune because what used to work won't in the future.

Not long ago, you would find success so long as you found a solid platform to advertise in, and an online marketing funnel. I, too, found success like this. I initially helped two businesses reached seven-figure businesses with simple marketing funnels that treated everyone the same.

  • The same emails to the same people in the same sequence.
  • A guide that would lead to a funnel that lead to a booking form that lead to a deposit down.

This worked. Whether you sold a S$370 product or $9970 one, this was the best way to win at online marketing. But, maybe you've noticed this isn't the case anymore. Maybe you're seeing higher costs and lower conversations.

It won't get better; not if you keep doing what you have done, and especially if you sell high-ticket items like one-on-one consulting, training programs or courses.

So what can you do?

Introducing the Programmatic Funnel

I kept noticing my advertising costs rising and my ROI going down. Fellow marketers told me they had the same issue, and because I help entrepreneurs create relevant marketing that works, I needed to fix this problem.

This began in 2017 when I created the Programmatic Method, which places your audience into one of three awareness levels:

  • Not Interested: nothing you do will move them
  • Slow Lane: aware they like a product, but unsure about taking the next step
  • Fast Lane: aware of the product, but still unsure about taking the next step

For a while, this was enough, but I soon realised I needed to go deeper -- especially when thinking about how to sell high-ticket items, because for someone to spend $9970 even on a 20% deposit down first, you need to build frequency. That is to get things in their head constantly so that the idea sticks. And the only way to build frequency in 2018 is to use machines, so you get the idea to as much audience in the slow and fast lanes as you can while removing the not interested ones quickly.  

Get Leads for your big ticket items through programmatic advertising

This is when the "Programmatic Funnel" was born, because it takes the foundations of the Programmatic Method and combine it with frequency and relevance so you become (and remain) top of mind.

This is how you create it.

1. Remove the not interested

Assuming you have a limited budget, you need to focus on those you can have the biggest impact on. These people are often in your slow and fast lanes, especially when selling a high-ticket item.

Why? Because these people realise your idea and are thinking about it, but for multiple reasons, many intangible, they do not press the buy button or call you. So, assuming you have a product that they will like when they see it, you will quickly be at the top of their minds throughout the day when they see your advertisement multiple times over.

Achieving this is easier than you think, and it begins by keeping your interested and removing the not interested, using machines of course.

2. Create simple advertisement banners

Those in your slow and fast lanes are eager to consume something more specific and visually attractive about your product than those in your not interested list. I have found a few banners that work best, between 14-23 words long. The purpose of these type of banners is to present the idea and remind them of their interest, so they become desperate to unearth the man/women behind it (you). After this, you share the idea to them when they come calling or when you call them, which is when you show them exactly come what may if they buy.

By showing visually stunning banner advertisements, videos, charts and graphs and any form of graphics, you show them what reality could be like if only they can overcome their hesitance. And because all these are in the form of images with few words, they remember it and keep the ideal at the top of the mind.

3. Get them on a phone call

When selling a high-ticket item, your aim should be to get them on the phone (either with you or your sales person). But, this may not happen straight away -- in fact, most of them it doesn't happen straight away, because if humans as we all are, we procrastinate and the moment just goes away.

And these type of people tend to be our best and worse kinds of client.

So, if they don't call straight away, continue to retarget them using different banner ads, you can craft a story around the idea where you give the impression of successful case studies, easy process, and any other value propositions that the product supports.. Allow them to see more than one banner advertisement, that creates a story-telling effect, using different content like videos et al, so that the idea remains fresh the customer journey progresses.

Play the long game, because this is where the magic happens.

4. Focus on the invisible ROI

If you're selling a $20 guide, this doesn't apply. But, because you're selling a high ticket item that requires both your investment and theirs, you want the "right" kind of customer. You want people who will become brokers, referrals, advocates and future case studies. But, these types of customer don't just appear. You need to earn their trust and build a rapport.

So, as you continue to prove your process, invite them into a private Facebook or Linkedin Group, provide further value and keep retargeting them so you become omnipresent and top of mind.

In time, you will capture their attention and become the go-to person who offers not just the ideal of procuring that product but also the person who gives our commissions to people who believe in the product or know people who may. The trade-off here is that it takes time,but with groups and retargeting advertisements, this invisible ROI will reap rewards because the more someone believes in the ideal, knows and trusts you, the more they will introduce and spend time on you for the right price. And in selling high-ticket items, the price is usually right.

This is how you sell your high-ticket items for the rest of 2018.

You need to become frequent and top of their minds, and to be omnipresent in the right place, at the right time. Achieve this and you'll own their attention and be called up eventually. Achieve this and you will own their motivation and time to introduce, without having you to appoint them as employees. You won't have to pray on their insecurity because they will come to you.

You have proven yourself as the shining light to their dreams, and your rise from six to seven figures can begin.

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