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What is Grant consulting and why it is perfectly fine to ask for it?

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Let’s face it—writing a grant is hard, time-consuming work, and the competition for grant can be fierce. Is there anything that can help give you an edge and increase your chances of funding?


Making sure that your grant proposal is well written and well thought-out will help your proposal stand out and convince reviewers that you are worth the investment. One way to maximise the quality and clarity of your proposal is to seek grant consulting. This assistance may come in the form of a professional grant consultant, writer, or editor.

Among Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), everyone is very familiar with funding from the Enterprise Singapore, Skillsfuture, Ministry of trade and industry, however there are governmental assistances from organisations such as Enterprise Singapore (e.g PACT) and IMDA (e.g CITREP). These funding sources may turn out to be a better fit for your objectives. In fact, sometimes there can be so many choices that it is hard to decide what to apply.

Talking to grant consultants is a great way to find new opportunities. These consultants have applied for or have received funding from lesser-known sources that may be an excellent fit for your objective(s). Importantly, the application process, review criteria, and overall culture of each reviewing organisation is unique.

A grant consulting service also help by discussing your needs (e.g., funds needed, scope of project) and taking the time to search for opportunities that best fit your needs. If you are considering this option, make sure that the consultant you are working with is very knowledgeable about funding opportunities and has experience helping clients get grants funded.

Coaching assistance

Once you have determined what type of grant proposal you want to write and where you will send it, you may have trouble deciding what your next step is and how to start writing your proposal. Again, talking to grant consultants who have a lot of experience writing grant proposals can be very helpful. They can share tips for how they approach grant planning and the writing process.

A grant consultant can guide you through the process, working with you to create a timeline that breaks the requirements into manageable segments. They can also help you manage your time so you can revise your proposal, have industry experts read and provide feedback, and make changes before submitting the application. A good consultant can also provide advice about areas you may need to emphasise and what information is most critical to include. You want someone who will listen to your specific questions and concerns and can create an individual preparation plan that considers your strengths and weaknesses.

Review Assistance

Before you submit your proposal to the funding organisation, you will want someone else (e.g., a colleague, mentor, outside expert) to read your proposal and identify areas that are weak and/or unclear. A professional grant consultant can provide feedback, it can be helpful to let them know which areas you are most concerned with and would like feedback on. You may want to have a consultant who is very knowledgeable about the subject focus on the content and who is also great with grammar and proofreading to check the final proposal to make sure there are no embarrassing grammatical or typographical errors. A professional grant consultant can provide all of these review services. They usually work with a team of professionals who have in-depth content knowledge, have extensive experience with funding agencies, and can provide expert language polishing to improve the grantsmanship. Review and revision will allow you to feel more confident, because you will submit a strong proposal that puts your best foot forward, which maximises your chances of being funded.

Re-admission assistance

Once you have submitted your grant proposal, you have to wait until you receive feedback from the funding organisation. If you are funded, congratulations! If you aren’t funded, the critiques provided by reviewers will be incredibly helpful when you reapply for funding. If any of the critiques are unclear or you don’t understand why a reviewer made the comment, there are several helpful people you can ask, including your grant consultant. These individuals can bring a new perspective to the critique and clarify where your initial proposal may have been unclear.

Once you have modified your proposal based on the reviewer comments, it is very helpful to have a grant consultant review your new proposal and the comments to see how well you addressed their concerns. They can point out areas that are still unclear or where you might have glossed over a reviewer comment.

Grant writing is a time-consuming process, so you want to ensure that you submit your best ideas in a polished proposal every time to maximise your chances of funding. theAsianIR has grant consultants that have successfully applied for up to 30 grants over 2 years. It’s perfectly fine, even encouraged, to ask us for help to aid you in accomplishing your goal!

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