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Step by Step process to apply for the new Enterprise Development Grant

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theAsianIR is a consulting company operating in the Branding and Business Transformation space. One of our consultant has recently attained certification in both areas to help companies incorporated in Singapore apply and execute projects eligible under the Grants.

The simplified EDG helps companies grow under 3 main pillars:

  1. Core Capabilities - prepare company for growth and transformation by strengthening their foundations
  2. Innovation and Productivity - support new areas of growth, include reviewing and redesigning work processes, tapping onto automation and technologies
  3. Market Access - expanding into international markets
What are the qualifying projects?
  1. Third-party consulting
  2. Software and equipment
  3. Incremental manpower

All of theAsianIR's consultants and associates are bound by our company's professional code of conduct. - Huan Johnson Koh, Managing Partner, theAsianIR

Below is a step by step process of applying for the EDG.

Step 1 - Prepare your documents

Step 2 - Check your eligibility

Step 3 - Provide your contact details

Step 4 - Submit your proposal (make sure to upload supporting documents)

Step 5 - Explain the business impact

Step 6 - Provide cost details

Step 7 - Declare and knowledge terms

Contact one of friendly consultants for more information.

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