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Want consumer reviews? Here are 4 places to get them

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Peter Drucker

Getting consumer feedbacks on the internet can be difficult in today's information age. Today when everyone is talking about anything on mirage of social media channels, where and how do we start to get feedbacks for a particular brand or a product? Below are 4 ways how marketers can find out what people are saying online.

1. Search QQ Moments

Under QQ moments, anyone can search for articles specific to a keyword. If its a brand, then there will bound to be many articles written by third-party advertiser and influences. We will usually see, when going right into the content, that people will have left their feedback around that particular article, Marketers can immediately a private message to anyone who have left their views.

2. Search function on WeChat

The search function (at the top of your chat items), allows users to search keywords from 6 categories; moments, news, official accounts, novels, music and emojis. What I do usually is to search under all 6 categories and filter them down as I see them. The search function is one of the most complete in the market today as it allows users to target keywords in their friends’ moments, group chats, subscription account posts and official accounts. One thing that's to be noted is that users in China (that is, people who registered a WeChat using their Chinese mobile number), cannot search for content posted by international users, while international users can search for Chinese content.

3. Join an influential WeChat Group and search keywords there

The maximum number of people in any group on WeChat is 500. Some of these groups can register up to hundreds of interactions on any given day. While many of these groups are used by advertisers, they can be a good way for marketers to know who is speaking about their brand.

It's hard to know how WeChat ranks their keywords, but we believe that they are ranked according to 4 factors, authority, relevance, popularity and frequency. As you can see, ranking factors within Sogou Weixin & WeChat search are extremely similar to Google’s ranking factors in the sense that recent, relevant content from an authoritative source is KEY. But instead of fighting for backlinks and site visitors, you’re after more reads and account verifications.

4. Dianping 点评

Dianping is a Chinese mobile internet company operating a local life information and trading platform, which gone through 8 rounds of funding and now has $4.3B in total.

Dianping was founded in Shanghai in April 2003 as the very first website worldwide providing independent consumer reviews on local services. Today Dianping is China's leading O2O (Online To Offline) platform for urban service. In addition to merchant information and consumer reviews, Dianping also offers group-buying, online restaurant reservation, take-out service, e-coupon promotions, and other online to offline services. With over 200 million accumulated users, Dianping APP has become an indispensable smartphone APP for Chinese consumers, and the most powerful online partner for local businesses.

Dianping has nearly 75 million monthly active users, over 28 million reviews, and more than 6 million local businesses covering approximately 2,300 cities across China.

Dianping's search function is also as powerful as Wechats. First the user will see popular topics that people are searching for recently. Once keywords are entered, the search function starts pre-loading it with short and long form of the keywords, consist of content, store names, business names and addresses. Results will bring up all the stores with that keyword.

Marketers can see which Store have attracted most comments and directly contact the reviewers via private message.

A powerful feature of dianping is that the user can see where his phone contacts, QQ contacts and WeChat contacts have been to recently and the comments they have posted on dianping. So marketers can help the company set up a dedicated Wechat user account specially to connect with influencers and followers, adding many other users on the go. There are no limit to the number of contacts a company can have on their QQ or WeChat account.

5. Weibo Search Function

Weibo search engine promotion is an effective source for brands to learn from their customers. The search bar on Weibo is pre-loaded with search terms based on hot topics or advertising. Search engine promotion pre-loads the search bar with popular topics and items to show what people are searching for.

Once searched, the results brings up 4 categories;

  • users with that keyword, hot topics (热门)
  • content that your contacts or accounts that you follow have posted
  • news and articles
  • comments (or tweets as we know them by)

Each of these content types can provide useful insights about your brand. Marketers can contact the reviewers directly via private message.


Many of the techniques applied above may seem manual but can be solved with a simple dashboard application. Imagine what it will do for your marketing when you can combine bring up comments Dianping, QQ, WeChat and Weibo on one simple dashboard.

From the author: theAsianIR is a Singaporean digital agency implementing business models for companies in traditional sectors to do business with mandarin-speaking demographics digitally. Planning and executing disruptive business on behalf of these companies in the form of apps, softwares and websites, theAsianIR has clients across wholesale, retail, logistics, f&b, built-environments and real estate. Sign up to our newsletter on our website to get tips and exclusive deals about future-proofing your business.

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