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In times of disruption, real estate professionals band together to grow together

A closed-circulation APP as a platform for Agents to collaborate

theAsianIR is empowering professionals in the Real Estate Sector to band together, explore business together and reduce marketing expenses significantly, just by the use of a Closed-circulation APP and other online platforms, so that agents can be closer connected to one another and collaborate on-demand.

Introducing a Closed-circulation, collaborative APP, and other parallel platforms

As more and more apps utilise the cloud's file-storing and sharing capabilities, remote team collaboration becomes even easier. Team collaboration has the benefit of banding together professionals towards a common goal, and in this case, its closing more Real Estate Deals.

Through extensive research, theAsianIR has identified the below pinch points that affects Real Estate professionals today;

  1. Unjustifiable rise in marketing expenses from Real Estate Platforms 
  2. Decreasing Return on Investment from these platforms
  3. Increasing number of consumers who do not see the value provided by Professionals and who prefer to close deals without industry know-how and assistance
  4. Selling agents wishing to push their properties to the Agents with the right experience and networks
  5. Buying agents wishing to find properties from Agents with the right experience and deal-flow

Accordingly theAsianIR has identified the below areas for any Agents, which can be used to mitigate the impact from the above;

  1. Ability to move fast and pay the highest price
  2. Ability to determine deal-flow specific to the Real Estate Professional
  3. Able to know which deals are high potential quickly
  4. Increase customer and agents pool
  5. Strengthen the above 4 points exponentially over time

Process work flow to achieve the above;

For the selling agent

For the buying agent

The ability to achieve the above lies in the form of platforms customised for use by Real Estate Professionals. Enter "Co-Broke".

Key is in the Work flow process

The APP is built on basis of 3 "don'ts" for co-broking;

  1. No bypassing listing agent - Listing agent of any property by default, is the Agent who originally posted the Property on the APP
  2. No blocking of other agents - Listing agent freely chooses who they want to co-broke with
  3. Do not mislead, deceive, or make any misrepresentation to other agents - All CTAs on the property are captured, making sure any misrepresentation is detected

Other features of this platform

The aim of the Co-broke platform is not just to increase collaboration but to provide flexibility, authority and autonomy during collaboration efforts. Co-broke platform reduce collaboration overhead, reduce operating expenses and property sourcing time. In addition to the features in the screenshots, other features include, but are not limited to;

  1. Online bulletins
  2. Online forms for financing enquiries, stamp duties
  3. Calculators
  4. Real-time industry pricing index API
  5. 360 VR view
  6. Live Chat with Legal and/or Financier
  7. SnapMap technology to see who has viewed property 
  8. Multi-lingual capabilities
These features will gradually be introduced, in addition to international expansion of the APP to bring in Real Estate Professionals from other countries, making Co-broke the leading industry Deal-flow collaborative platform for Real Estate Professionals.

In today's world, where everything is changing so quickly around us, it's reassuring to know there are solutions enabling both the real estate enterprise and the real estate leaders to stay ahead of the market, rather than be left behind - Janet Case, Proxio

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