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How Nattitude drove traffic to their Tmall site

How a shampoo and conditioner brand used KOL to drive traffic to Tmall

Nattitude 植观 

Success tip: drive traffic from other channels to Tmall

Nattitude is a shampoo and conditioner brand that was founded in 2016. One bottle of Nattitude shampoo costs 99 RMB, almost 3 times more than similar products in supermarket. But in less than a year, it already ranked No. 11 among all hair products on Tmall (data from 2016 Single’s Day sale).

The most impressive data about Nattitude’s Single’s Day sales is that 60% of its sale on Tmall came from social media.

Nattitude partnered with more than 20 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) during the Singles’ Day to drive high quality traffic to its Tmall store.

For example, Hi Better Me, a very popular WeChat KOL, wrote a review about experience using the shampoo & conditioner. The article drives traffic from QR code to Nattitude’s WeChat shop. Notice for first time visitor, users will get a 20-40 RMB coupon.

Nattitude also partnered with another Weibo KOL Lisa. Her promotion got picked up by Weibo to be listed on the homepage and drove 9,000 unique visitors to the Tmall page.

Nattitude also has a comprehensive marketing strategy that goes beyond WeChat and Weibo. The promotion also appeared on other platforms including Zhihu (Chinese version of Quora) and Xiao Hongshu (a cross-border e-commerce marketplace). These two channels have users with higher purchasing power and higher education level. Which matches the positioning of an expensive shampoo.

Today, Nattitude already raised its multi-million RMB series A round, and invited Li Xiaopeng, an Olympic champion to join the founding team.

source: blog/walkthechat

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