AIR is a leading SME incubator. We invest time and money in the world’s most resilient and ambitious SMEs, helping them to development capabilities and technology-enabled solutions that complements their core businesses, implement disruptive business models and start technology spin-offs. So far, we’ve helped dozens of SMEs improve capabilities, implement technology-enabled solutions, with a total six-figure investment, and we are seeking a lot more companies to work with.


    We run on-boarding programmes twice a year, from April to July and from December to March, in 4 countries from around the globe.

    WHY NOW?

    Right now, even the world’s most resilient businesses are facing declining growth. They are being disrupted by smaller technology-enabled businesses that were a mere fantasy less than a decade ago. They are also faced with an ongoing problem of people recruitment and retention, more so now as quotas and cost of hiring impedes growth. They are encouraged to take up capabilities and technology solutions to increase productivity and automation, but are faced with little time to understand them, leading to more monies spent without significant returns.


    This puts them back on the drawing board, face-to-face with an industry that is running away from them, consigned to the myth of what they can achieve if they deploy capabilities and technologies to good effect. We exist to remove turn that myth to reality.


    We offer these Outlier Businesses the opportunity to use our value-add consulting and digi-preneur skills, to allow them to implement new business models, to start a technology-enabled spin-off, and to drive that new business model to profitability and sustainability. Our involvement allows these businesses to continue to run their core business, and use these new capabilities and technologies to further complement their core businesses.

    HOW IT....... WORKS?

    Twice a year we select up to 6 companies to join our programme, from thousands of shortlisted companies and applicants.


    The first part of the programme focuses on meeting the right SME and to understand their business requirement, discuss possible solutions, and scope out the actual digital business. During this stage, AIR will apply a more human touch as its important to be completely understood when setting clear expectations. We call this part of the programme... MEET


    The second is called LAUNCH. Here the solution will be presented to an Audit Committee, pitched to a third-party audit committee to receive the actual funds for the digital business. Most of the SMEs will receive the funds at this stage, which will allow AIR to continue to implement the digital business model. This phase culminate with Pre-Seed funding matched by AIR, so that funds can be used to run the digital business model after the solution is developed. We will run the business model to profitability, for which the benefits will flow back to the SME in terms of increased accretive revenues or increased accretive savings from less time spent.


    AIR leverages of the competitiveness of the Singapore corporate system to provide world-class results based consulting and implementation to SMEs so that there are no ambiguities when they partner with us. Its either we achieve results or none at all.  


    AIR's SME-First Program is set up such that everything is accretive for the SME. SME enjoy a hassle-free experience as AIR goes to work on setting up the digital business unit right in front of their eyes.


    The digital business unit is a separate entity. At the end of 12-18 months, there will be a profitably running business unit, such as a fully-nurtured CRM and marketing system tied with an E-commerce platform, which we transfer back to the SME when the business unit is matured and sustainable.


    AIR SME First Venture Program is backed by private funds from founders, venture capital firms in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, among those Wamba, Al-Humood VC, Alqubaisi and Mbangu fund.


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