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    Why O2O is perfect for B2C

    Consumer's online buying purchases are synonymous across locations and industries. According to McKinsey, 96% of consumers will research a product online before buying. The activities that consumers do before deciding on a purchase always consist of;

    • researching
    • shortlising
    • enquiring

    O2O brings all these experiences online, sometimes even better than consumers who go offline to search products. These features draws the consumer to make the purchase online or offline.

    What is O2O

    O2O Commerce: The integration of digital and offline discovery, research, payment and after sales services

    An O2O B2B product acquisition experience would look something like this:

    1. Buyer turns to the internet to research
    2. Buyer discovers a brand that could fulfil their requirements
    3. Buyer visits offline display center to physically interact with and inspect products
    4. Buyer purchases digitally
    5. Buyer enjoys after sales services through online and offline channels

    O2O is a trillion-dollar industry

    A few years ago, TechCrunch published an article that declared the industry a trillion-dollar opportunity. The writers used a simple formula: The average American earns $40,000 per year and spends the majority of that income locally, with only 9 percent spent on the internet. Multiply that budget by 127 million working Americans.

  • 1. Because Apps are so good, the only variable left is promotion

    Why do Apps like Grab and Food Panda do so well? In addition to having billions in funding, most of it boils down to Promotion.

    2. If you see the App once, you may not download. But what if you see it tomorrow, the next day and the day after?

    Just like your neighbourhood store, you will eventually go int because its right there. So you can promote the App using SEO, SMM and other channels, and in today's low marketing cost environment, these channels are easily accessible and inexpensive.  

    3. So will users use the App after they download?

    We help companies own their subject matter digitally by loading enough content, media and features so that the user knows they can only go to your App if they want anything related to that subject matter. Users don't have to goto anywhere else but your APP if they need to know, buy, speak about that subject.

    4. Which industries are suitable to deploy O2O Apps?

    The App can be deployed to companies in any sector or industry, but especially;

    - Food and Beverage

    - Logistics

    - Investment products/Real Estate

    - Wholesale/Retail

    - Environmental/Construction

    - Publications

    - Professional Services

  • Direct to Market O2O capability

    Engineered digital solutions can turn your business into a full fledged O2O direct-to-consumer enterprise

    Case Study: Croissant Village

    Croissant Village is a Bakery with 3 outlets in Harbin, Shenzhen and Beijing. They engaged a developer for 3 months to engineer an App on Wechat that allows them to now generate 50% of their revenues from this online facility

    APPs for People

    We want to change the way how people view APPs, by commoditising it. So that the only way any APP can be successful is from the branding, content and media they generate.


    If everyone uses APPs, they are commodities!

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