• Hybrid App Development

    We have highly skilled front-end developers who are able to maximise the potential of languages like HTML5 and JavaScript, to build functional hybrid apps that can rival a native app’s functionality

    What are Hybrid Apps?

    A hybrid app is essentially a web app, but it’s given a lightweight native app “container” that allows it to leverage certain native platform features and device hardware (e.g., a device’s camera, calendar, push notifications, and pinch and spread functionality) that a web application cannot access. Like applications on the web, hybrid apps are built with commonly used front-end development technologies and languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, giving them a cross-platform functionality.

    Hybrid apps are available via app stores, can access hardware on your phone, and are installed on your device, just like a native app.

    Pros of Hybrid Apps

    You only need to build one version of your app. There’s no need to design, develop, and maintain separate versions of your app to run on one platform or another, but you’ll still get an app that delivers a “native feel” for users. Building and maintaining separate versions of your native app can require two or three times the work, and multiple developers. For example, a company like Facebook, which has native apps for both iOS and Android, employs hundreds of designers and developers on both its iOS and its Android teams. Tack on frequent updates to operating systems, and maintenance becomes more complicated, and ongoing.

    What else is good about them?

    A hybrid app lets developers leverage skills they already have common front-end technology like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Because most hybrid apps are built with basic front-end technology, they don’t require a separate skill set with the platform-specific programming languages, like Apple’s Objective-C, Swift, and Xcode; or separate integrated development environments (IDEs) and software development kits (SDKs)—the tools used to create native apps.

  • 1. Because Apps are so good, the only variable left is promotion

    Why do Apps like Grab and Food Panda do so well? In addition to having billions in funding, most of it boils down to Promotion.

    2. If you see the App once, you may not download. But what if you see it tomorrow, the next day and the day after?

    Just like your neighbourhood store, you will eventually go int because its right there. So you can promote the App using SEO, SMM and other channels, and in today's low marketing cost environment, these channels are easily accessible and inexpensive.  

    3. So will users use the App after they download?

    We help companies own their subject matter digitally by loading enough content, media and features so that the user knows they can only go to your App if they want anything related to that subject matter. Users don't have to goto anywhere else but your APP if they need to know, buy, speak about that subject.

    4. Which industries are suitable to deploy Hybrid Apps?

    The App can be deployed to companies in any sector or industry, but especially;

    - Food and Beverage

    - Logistics

    - Investment products/Real Estate

    - Wholesale/Retail

    - Environmental/Construction

    - Publications

    - Professional Services

  • Direct to Market O2O capability

    Engineered digital solutions can turn your business into a full fledged O2O direct-to-consumer enterprise

    Case Study: Croissant Village

    Croissant Village is a Bakery with 3 outlets in Harbin, Shenzhen and Beijing. They engaged a developer for 3 months to engineer an App on Wechat that allows them to now generate 50% of their revenues from this online facility

    APPs for People

    We want to change the way how people view APPs, by commoditising it. So that the only way any APP can be successful is from the branding, content and media they generate.


    If everyone uses APPs, they are commodities!

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